About Us

Environmental Practices

At Interlock Concrete Products, we think and act green. Our manufacturing processes and corporate culture centers around environmental, economic and social sustainability.

There are a number of quality building products in the marketplace to choose from, but only Interlock Concrete Products delivers the peace-of-mind you can trust. Our products are rare in that they combine beauty, durability, efficiency and yet are also considered Green and Sustainable by industry professionals.

Interlock Concrete Products is committed to helping you build better, more sustainable projects by working with environmental experts to understand the role our products play.

At Interlock Concrete Products, it is our goal to continually develop new products and services which exceed the social and environmental requirements of America’s landscapes.

Here are some of the many things we are doing to contribute toward a better world:

  • Our four manufacturing facilities are strategically located within small towns in the upper Midwest. This helps to reduce the environmental impact caused by the transportation of our products as well as supports the local communities in which we reside
  • Our manufacturing processes focus on producing quality, first-run products reducing landfill waste and raw materials
  • Our raw materials are extracted and processed near each manufacturing facility, reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions
  • Our products are manufactured with waste materials such as fly ash, recycled glass and recycled concrete, reducing landfill waste, carbon emissions and raw materials
  • Our products are composed entirely of high-quality concrete, requiring fewer resources for replacement, maintenance and repair leading to reduced carbon emissions and raw materials
  • Our products are packaged only to the extent appropriate to ensure safe handling, storage and transportation, reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste
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